Finally You Have a REAL Choice…

One Super Compassionate World-Renowned

Lifestyle Coach Steps Forward to

Reveal The Hidden Truth Behind

Why Some Women Naturally Lose 3X More Weight than You

(News Flash: The Renowned Journal of

The American Medical Association Agrees!)

And How You Can Easily

Begin Shifting the Fat Burning Accelerator

Inside Your Body to

Get the Same Results Right Now…

Just Imagine Naturally Reaching the Weight You Were Always Meant to Be While Enjoying the Foods You Love!

  • NO Exhausting Hours of Exercising

  • NO Chemical Packed Nutraceutical “Vitamins” You Can’t Pronounce

  • NO Disgusting Pre-Packaged Meals that Taste Like Cardboard

  • NO Sucking Down Those “So-Called Health Foods” You Hate

  • NO Complicated Meal Plans, Food Guides, or Strict Rules to Follow

  • NO Fads, Pills, Potions, or Rehashed Information


Because Every Fad Diet You’ve Ever Been Tortured With

Works For About Ten Seconds Flat

and Then You Give Up…

Who Wouldn’t?

Dear Friend,

As You Sit Here Reading This I Implore You to Ask Yourself this Profound, Life-Changing Question:

Do You Want to Spend the Rest of Your Life

Battling Your Body to Losing Weight?

Or Finally Discover the Truth and Lose that Weight Once and For All

— for a Lifetime?

The Answer is Obvious, Right?

You Want to Experience Weight Loss the Lasts for a Lifetime, Wouldn’t You Agree?

So Stop Torturing Yourself Right Now!  And Before You Read Any Further AT Least Make Yourself This One Promise…

Stop with all of the radical diet makeovers, the crazy starvation plans, and the flip-flop dieting that proves nothing beyond how much you hate your body…again…and again…and again.

Forget Everything You’ve Learned About “Dieting” Until This Moment

Because Dieting Isn’t the Answer

If Dieting Were the Answer Would It Be a Billion Dollar Industry

Based on Your Ability to Try, Try, and Fail Again?

Stop Believing The Latest Hype Because…

April's Testimonial

By Now You’ve Heard Expert After Expert State the Fact that Fad-Dieting and Starvation Do Nothing Beyond Annihilating Your Insides and Destroying Your Ability to Lose Weight…

You May as Well Be Chowing Down on Pizza Three Times a Day if You Keep it Up

Because If You Don’t Stabilize Your Body and SOON You Could Become the Next Victim of a HOST of Diseases, Disorders, and Crash-Diet Inducing Issues

By Now you are wondering, “Who is She and How Does She Know So Much?”

My name is Nancy Walker, but my clients just call me “Nancy” and I hope you will too!

Most people know me as the Weight Loss for Life Coach because I have helped clients around the world discover how to Naturally Shift Your Weight the Right Way…Beginning Today!

Others know and love me because I help them to achieve rapid weight loss in the healthiest possible way.

In fact, I’ve personally helped so many people achieve the weight loss results they wanted over the past ten years and experience profound life-change that some media sources refer to me as a “nutrition guru”.

But I’m only as popular as I am today because I have spent my life busting through the dieting myth’s that make so many people like you miserable and dedicated the last ten years to uncovering and promoting the truth.

That’s Right. More Than Ten Straight Years of Success…And I’d Defy Every Diet Company in America Again If Given the Chance…No Matter How Much They Hate Me!

I love my being a lifestyle coach because I get to see people achieve the weight loss success they’ve struggled to attain for decades! Quickly, Easily, and with Little Effort.

Do You Know What the Most Shocking Part Is


No really, I do! I can’t imagine what it would be like to haul around 35, 50, or more than 100 pounds of extra body weight every day.

I’d imagine it’s exhausting, yet you keep going, day after day, trying fad after fad.  Wouldn’t it feel amazing to put those “extra sacks of potatoes” down and give yourself a break?

I Know It Feels Good to Imagine Finally Achieving Your Perfect Weight Loss Results So Let’s Take a Trip Dow Memory Lane…

Can You Remember the Last Time You Were Happy with Your Body?

What if you could turn back the clock to that time and put a halt to all of the nasty effects that your constant pattern of crash-dieting had on your body…

  • Erase the Weight Gain
  • Erase the Exhaustion
  • Erase the Chemical and Hormonal Imbalances
  • And Literally Turn Back the Clock on Your Life?

Now I don’t claim to own a time machine that allows me to recreate your reality and turn back the sands of time, but you can!

And if you want to take that final step down toward naturally achieving the weight loss results you crave, then you’ve come to the right place!

What if You Could Easily and Effortlessly…

  • Begin an Energy Boosting, Mental Health Skyrocketing Lifestyle Program that You’ll Love
  • Learn How to Love Your Body Again By Indulging in Foods You Already Love
  • Fill-Up Many Times Every Day on Delicious, Nutritious Recipes You’re Sure to Enjoy
  • Get the Weight Loss For Life You Know You Desire Through Weekly Advice…

Hold the Phone! Because that Last Weight Loss Key is

CRUCIAL to Your Success

Medical journal, after medical journal, and nutritionist after nutritionist testify to the scientific fact that people who receive weekly coaching and nutritional guidance lose 3X’s as much weight in just 6 short months than those who just aimlessly search the internet or old diet books for useless information.

The Journal of the American Medical Association Believes that Fact is Worth Repeating…

So what nutritionists, doctors, and medical scientists now believe is…


The Right Information (The Facts)


The Right Weekly Guidance (Lifestyle Coaching)



Imagine losing THREE TIME AS MUCH WEIGHT By Now simply because you invested in time-tested advice from your own coach who…

  • Gets You Motivated
  • Gets You The Right Information the First Time
  • Gets You and Keeps You on Track Week After Week, Month After Month

And now that you know the FACTS about just how much more you’ll lose (and keep off for life!)

Bonnie's Testimonial

By Now you want to know exactly what you’ll be learning that will profoundly impact the way you look, feel, and think about yourself!

Are You Ready to Learn the Automatic Fat Burning Techniques That Your Nutritionist is Holding Back (Or Maybe They Just Don’t Know)?Cynthia's Testimonial

  • Beyond Weight Loss Basics-How to Kick Your Fat Burning Engine into Autopilot from Day One
  • Hidden Label Secrets-What Surprising Fat Loss Accelerator a Ten Second Glance Might Show You
  • Being Sweet Without Living on Sweets-and The Right Kind of Chocoholic
  • How Not to Die from Exercising
  • Portion Control is NOT Damage Control-In Fact Portions are Your Enemy!
  • Good Fats, Bad Fats, Red Fats, Blue Fats-Will Someone Give me the Skinny on Fats?
  • Cheese, Meats, and Other Confusing Proteins
  • Reversing Obesity Plus Eradicating Insulin Resistance is a Win-Win-Win
  • Stopping Plateaus Before They Stop Your Weight Loss
  • Eradicating Food Bondage-Unshackling Your Taste Buds for a New Delicious Experience
  • Plus So Much More

The More You Think About Weight Loss for Life the More You Realize that Your Weight Loss Success Must Be Driven By Personalized Lessons with Just the Right Amount of Information Served Up Every Week…

Valid, Scientifically Proven Information

Broken Down Into Bite Size Chunks and

Served Up with Enough Wit, Humor, and Support to

Keep You Motivated from Day One to Day 180!

Plus You MUST Have Goals and Action Plans So that You’ll Know You’re Seeing Success from Your Very First Week!

For 26 Mind-Blowing Weeks You’ll Receive the Time-Tested, Proven Techniques You Need to Achieve Maximum Weight Loss Results

In Fact, these lessons are so profoundly motivating that it’s like having me right there, by your side, every step of the way as your personal coach as you digest and implement each one of these bite size segments over the next 26 weeks.

Because I believe everyone deserves to experience Weight Loss For Life I am willing to provide you a FULL SIX MONTH 100% Satisfaction Guarantee…or Your Money Back.

By now you’re wondering…

Nancy, Why Does Your Coaching Program Work When So Many Other Weight Loss Programs Have Failed ME?

I’m So Glad You Asked!

(That’s What I’m Here For…To Support You!)

When You Invest in Your Health, Your Physique, and Your Future Today (And believe me you’re worth every penny!) You’ll Instantly Begin to Receive…

  • The Time-Tested Info You Need to Achieved the Results You Crave

  • Proven Expertise in Easily Digestible Chunks to Keep You Moving Toward Your Weight Loss Goals and Motivated to Reach the Pinnacle of Fat Burning Success

  • Weekly Accountability Check-In’s Straight from My Office to Your Inbox

  • Constant Reminders, Mental Check-up’s, and Time-Tested Tools to help You Re-focus and Prevent You from Falling Off the Wagon

  • Plus Each Fat-Burning Session You Receive is Based on Real Coaching Calls with Real Client’s

You’re Getting Instant Access to Exactly What My Most Elite Clients have Paid $100’s of dollars per day to learn!

You’ll Receive 26 Weeks of High-Impact Guidance, and Amazing Support So that You Can Easily Learn, Implement, Digest, and Set the Habit for Every New Piece of Information

YEARS of Weekly and Daily Habits CAUSED Your Weight Gain

And in Just Six Short Months You Can Allow Amazing Support and Time-Tested Weekly Coaching Sessions to Help You Quickly Melt Away those Unsightly Pounds Once and For All!

So Believe Me When I Tell You…

You Can Eat the Foods You Love and

Begin to Lose Weight this Week!

I Believe Whole-Heartedly that

You’ll Reach Your Weight Loss Goals

You’ve Done It Before and You Can Do It Again

But Will You Keep the Pounds Off for Life?

And Preserve Your Life in the Process?

Remember…I Can Get Show You Exactly How to Get There

But Only YOU Can Follow the Map

The Ultimate Decision to Invest in Your Health Today is Yours

I’ve staked my reputation on more than ten years of proven success and I don’t plan on stopping here so when you decide to invest in your health, your body, and your future today, and promise to hang in with me to implement at least a few of the changes that I teach you, I guarantee that you’ll be 100% satisfied with the weight changes you see…or I’ll personally hand you back every penny you’ve spent on this profound, life-changing program. Plus I will offer you a take-it-to-the-bank, risking my karma, six month guarantee.

That’s Right…

Jim's Testimonial100% GuaranteeI will refund every penny, up until the very last day on the very last month as long as you show you’ve made a diligent effort by recording all of the delicious foods you get to eat because I am committed to your success!

So You See the Only Thing You Could Possibly Lose…is Weight!

You either gain the knowledge, support, and encouragement you need to discover how to quickly melt away those stubborn pounds or you get every penny back. Sounds more than fair, wouldn’t you agree?

Coaching runs $100 per month, and many times that…

In fact, Accelerated Fat-Burning Life-Coaches with my ten year track record of success often charge you $100 per hour or more, and they deserve every penny as long as they deliver the high-speed fat-burning results, wouldn’t you agree?  Plus you can implement every one of these 26 simple, life-transforming, weekly lessons without ever leaving the comfort of your home. Just think of how much you’ll save on gas when you stop driving to those “weekly weigh-ins”, or the local “meat market gym”. That makes this one heck of a deal, even before you consider the fact that I am willing to give you back every penny as long as you implement the easy to follow weekly instructions.  You save money, save on gas, and even save your life for just $19.95 per month!

And I Know One Thing for SURE


By Now you realize that sooner or later you’ll have to take that next step forward.

You can begin to experience results this week, or will you keep putting it off until the inevitable happens…


FORCED into a $100,000.00 Bariatric Surgery,

Popping Harmful Pills for the Rest of Your Life

Plus You’ll have to totally give up the foods you love

Or Face Certain Death!

You still have time to halt the damage you’ve done and experience a whole new you!

It’s your decision. Do you begin to save your life now, or will you continue to wait until it’s just too late?

All you need is to take one positive step toward the sincere encouragement, motivation, and the proven tools to quickly and easily reach your weight loss goals…and see that fat-free You that You deserve to be!


Yes Nancy!

Slim Down Now!

Aren’t you ready to take the first step on your final journey to lose weight, feel great, and go from simply surviving…to thriving?

We’ve all experienced a time in our life that proved the fact that the only moment you are guaranteed to have is right now because the longer you wait to begin to regain your health and melt away the pounds to see the body you truly desire, then the longer it will take you to see results, and the worse your health will become so get started while your ticker is still ticking!

Yes Nancy,

I am ready to take back control over how I look and feel and I know you’re here to make it as easy as possible! All I have to do is join while the price is still at a record low of $19.95 per month.

PLUS just for re-dedicating yourself to your health and fitness today I will give you an absolutely FREE copy of my mouth-watering, nutrition packed recipe guide Veggies from A to Z to get you on the right track, and move you from barely surviving to thriving in no time flat! This is just my way of saying Thank You for caring enough about yourself to invest in your health the smart way.

Slim Down Now!

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